Gratian   367 - 383   A.D.
Coin Description Gratian, AE 18mm, Grade ??, The coin is well centered but it has no patina to speak of and is very pitted no cleaning was necessary this is how it arrived in an uncleaned lot. VM 43, RIC IX Siscia 14c.
Obverse The portrait is of Gratian a pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust facing right. The legend reads DN GRATIANVS PF AVG meaning: DN (Dominus Noster /our lord showing the emperor to be the supreme ruler) GRATIANVS (his name) PF (Pius Felix / Dutiful and Wise) AVG Augustus which defines him as being the emperor.
Reverse The reverse shows Gratian advancing right, dragging a bound captive by the hair and holding a labarum. The legend reads GLORIA ROMANORVM which translates as "Glory of /to the Romans" There is a over M in the left field and a * over P in the right field.
Mint The exergue reads ΔSISC meaning the 4th workshop (Delta) of the Siscia mint. minted 367-375
The Entire Story The entire story of this coin would read: Our Lord Gratian the Dutiful and Wise Augustus. The Glory of Rome is of course brought to the people by Gratian by defeating the barbarians as symbolized by him dragging away the captive.