Collection sorted by Reverse inscription
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AVGVR TRI POT :     Augur / Tribunica Potestas (the peoples tribune)

CAESARVM NOSTRORVM (VOT V) :   the prince / heir-apperent of our people, with vows for a successful reign of 5 years.

CAESARVM NOSTRORVM (VOT X) :   the prince / heir-apperent of our people, with vows for a successful reign of 10 years.

CONCORDIA :     Harmony, agreement or unity

CONCORDIA AVG (GG) :   Unity of our Augusti  

CONCORDIA MILITVM :     Unity of the army

CONSTANTINOPOLI(S) :     Constantine's city

DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG (VOT XX) :     Our lord Constantine the Great Augustus, with vows for a succesfull reign of 20 years

FELICIT TEMP :      Felictas Temporum, Happy times

FEL TEMP REPARATIO :     The restoration of happy times or Happy days are here again

GENIO CAESARIS :     To the Genius of the Caesar

GERMANIA SVBACTA IMP VI COS III : Germania defeated/subdued Imperator 6 times Consul 3 times

GLORIA EXERCITVS :     Glory of the Army or Glory to the Army

GLORIA ROMANORVM :     The glory of the Romans

IOVI CONSERVATORI :     To Jupiter the protector

IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG (G) :    To Jupiter the protector of our Augustus (Augusti)

IOVI CONSERVATORI CAES (S) :    To Jupiter the protector of our Caesar (Caesars)

IOVI STATORI :     To Jupiter the stayer/stabilizer

NIKAIE ΩN :     "Of the Nicaeans"

NIKOπOΛIT  πPOC ICTP/NIKOπOΛI πPOC ICT :     Nikopolis ad Istrum, Nikopolis by the river Istrus

ΦIΛIππOπOΛEITΩN :     Philippopolis (a city in Thrace)

POSTHUMOUS :     (no reverse legend, quadriga and hand of God)

PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS :     First Among the Knights or First Among the Youth

PROVIDENTIAE AVG (G) :     The foresight of the Augustus (Augusti)

PROVIDENTIAE CAES (S) :     The foresight of the Caesar (Caesars)

ROMAE AETERNAE :     To eternal/everlasting Rome

SACRA MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR :     The sacred money of our Augusti and Caesars

SALVS REIPVBLICAE :     The health of the Republic/state

SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE :     The strength of the Republic/state

SOLI INVICTO :     To the unconquerable/invincible Sun

SOLI INVICTO COMITI :      In honor of / dedicated to my companion the unconquered / invincible Sun.

SPES REIPVBLICE :    Hope of the Republic/state

VRBS ROMA :     City of Rome

VICTORIAE DD AVGG Q NN :     Victory to our lords and emperors

VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP / VOT PR :     Vows made by the Roman people for victories of our eternal prince

VIRTVS EXERCITI :     Virtue of the Army

VOT V :     Vows for a succesfull reign of 5 years

VOT V MULT X :     Because of the vows, five years, through more vows, ten years

VOT XV MVLT XX :     Because of the vows, fifteen years, through more vows, twenty years

VOT XX MVLT XXX :     Because of the vows, twenty years, through more vows, thirty years