Welcome to my website on Roman coins where I will tell you what I've discovered under all the dirt. I'll tell you which emperor it is and who he had to murder (if any) to get his mugshot on the front (the so called Obverse site of the coin, hé this is getting educational ) and what he did to warrant all the propaganda on the back (the Reverse site of the coin). I'll also try to explain what the unintelligible letters on the coin mean (the legend of the coin , last educational bit I promise ). This legend was used by the emperor to trump his own horn. Furthermore I'll try to tell you where the coin was made and anything else that may have caught my attention. I've been cleaning and collecting for a little over a year now and my collection is steadily growing but it still doesn't have a definite structure or focus. For now I'm happy cleaning and buying coins that look "shiny" to me. This is an ongoing project and more and more coins will be added as I clean or buy them. I hope you'll enjoy your visit,


I've listed my collection chronologically by emperor and reverse legend.

Below are some of the links I've collected several short articles on several deities and objects and some general information about coins and roman society. All this information is connected to the coins I've cleaned and bought, so these lists will be expanded by new finds.

If you have any questions, see any mistakes, have any criticism be it positive, negative or constructive plz feel free to contact me at:   sp88k@netscape.net
Last updated 02-09-2009